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Termite Inspection

Termites can be some of the most destructive insects to a home and repairs are often expensive. Termites can cause damage to structural components which could put you and your family at risk for a catastrophic failure. Most of the initial termite damage goes unnoticed because termites eat wood from the inside out. The framing components may appear normal on the outside, but are hollow on the inside.  By the time you realize there is a termite infestation it is usually too late and the end result could be a collapsed deck, wall, or stairs. We highly recommend getting a Termite Inspection at least once a year and before buying or selling your house. We partner with some of the best experts in the Triangle to ensure your home is free of any wood destroying insects. 

Termites will typically tunnel into the home from the ground along columns or walls by building mud tubes to travel in. Soft spongy wood and insect droppings/frass could also be a strong indication of termite activity. Being able to recognize these signs can help you take the necessary actions required to control the infestation. We highly recommend that when buying a home that you always request a termite inspection. A proper Termite Inspection performed by a qualified professional can help identify if there is a current infestation or any prior infestations. Whether you are buying, selling, or currently own a home we highly recommend requesting a Termite Inspection to help preserve your investment and to protect your family. The Termite Inspection report will include:

  • A description regarding the presence or absence of wood destroying insects.

  • Specific areas that have visible damage.

  • Evaluation of the soil and area under the house.

  • Recommendations and treatment options.

  • A quick turnaround time to deliver your highly anticipated results and our Satisfaction Guarantee.

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