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Home Inspection Services for Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, Apex, Garner, Fuquay Varina, Morrisville, Clayton, and all other surrounding areas
Framing/Pre-Drywall Inspection

A Framing/Pre-Drywall Inspection can be one of the most important services performed when building your new home. This is the only phase during the construction process that specific framing elements as well as the entire framework of your home can be properly evaluated. Even though the majority of the framing elements are premanufactured they are often damaged during delivery or by poor installation practices. If these issues are not corrected in time then they will be covered by drywall and may go unnoticed for a while, but may eventually shows signs of failure. This could cost you thousands in repair work, compromise your safety, and reduce the value of your home. All of which could have been avoided if a proper Framing Inspection was performed. Many people think just because the city or county inspector signed off on the framework then another inspection is not necessary. Unfortunately the county and city inspectors are overwhelmed with work and are limited to the amount of time they can spend on each property, which is the primary reason many defects go unnoticed. Please allow us to perform a Framing Inspection for you. We will spend the necessary time required to ensure the framework of your new home if free of defects and installed using good construction practices. The Framing/Pre-Drywall Inspection report includes:

  • A thorough evaluation of the framework, structure, exterior, roof, plumbing, and ventilation.

  • A comprehensive report clearly stating any defects, issues, or safety hazards that were found during the time of the inspection.

  • Graphics and colored digital camera images with captions.

  • A 24 hour turnaround time and our Satisfaction Guarantee.

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