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Appliance Recall Check

     In 1974 the federal government passed a law that protects American Citizens from dangerous appliances in the home. This law requires the manufacturer to fix or replace any dangerous items that they designed free of charge. We include a recall check for all built-in appliances and HVAC systems in every inspection with no additional fee. We document and include images in the report of the serial/model numbers of each appliance. We then submit the report into a database that matches the model numbers against millions of recalls using a specialized algorithm. If a recall is found, a report will be sent to you describing the type of recall, where the item was sold, and how to remedy the issue. Your safety is our number one priority, which is why this service is completely FREE and included with every inspection.   

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Sample Inspection Report

     The inspection report is made up of two sections. The first section is the summary page(s) that contain a list of items that should be repaired/evaluated/monitored. The second section is the body of the report which contains detailed information about the systems in the house as well as other noted items in the house. 

     Take a look at a sample inspection report to get an idea of what your inspection would look like. 



Image by Scott Graham

Click on PDF icon below to view sample report.

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