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About Be Safe Home Inspections

     At Be Safe Home Inspections LLC we understand the stress and financial burden when purchasing or selling a home. We provide detailed and comprehensive reports that can help you make an educated and confident decision. All reports are written and organized in a format that is easy to understand. Each report will contain graphics and images of defects that were found during the inspection. We are a firm believer that a picture says a thousand words. We also use some of the latest technology including a thermal imaging camera, which is included with every inspection. Thermal imaging can help detect issues such as moisture intrusion that could not normally be seen by the naked eye. We will inspect your home from top to bottom, which includes climbing in the attic and crawling in the crawlspace. Some of the areas can be slightly dirty which is why we always wear shoe covers when performing an inspection in your home. All appliances listed in the NC Standards of Practice will be inspected and entered into a database to check for any recalls with no extra cost for you. All of the items listed above are included in every inspection without any added cost. These services paired with our satisfaction guarantee is what separates Be Safe Home Inspections apart from others. Let us help give you peace of mind about your home, it truly is priceless.

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